ICE, In Case of Emergency التعليقات التطبيق

Not worth it

Problem is if your have a password on your I-phone mo one can retrieve your information. When they figure a way to put it on your home-screen it will be a great and useful app. Until then no one can see or retrieve your information because it is behind a locked screen.

Good to have App.

I like this App, however I would like to see the ability to be able to move the "Fire" and "Police" numbers in the dialer. They are right in the middle and are too easy to hit by mistake (been there done that). Everyone know that 911 is the emergency numbers to dial, Or they should be removed completely or permit you to move or remove them if you like. The App should be used for the ability to notify persons of your choice only.

in case of frustration

I can't enter the information on the medical information card which is the whole reason why i bought the app in the first place, that should get fixed!!!! grrrr

Boo on the update

I really liked the old/original icon on this app. I held out on the update because i thought the new icon was ugly. I accidentally hit the Update All button, unfortunately. What was wrong with the original icon?

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